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Experience the rejuvenating power of  'liquid gold'


Plasma & Fibrin Injections

We employ the use of Plasma Injections (“liquid-gold”)  in our offerings. This incredible technique is  well studied, effective and safe by design, given that these rich, healing substances are derived from your own blood sample.


Plasma Injections boast incredible regenerative benefits without adverse effects. As such, both products have found widespread application in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

At Arta, we are proud to offer the gold-standard in aesthetic treatments, procedures, and equipment with services that are evidence-based, effective, and safe.

What exactly are Plasma Injections? 
Plasma and Fibrin are autologous blood products, obtained after a blood draw and blood centrifugation.  Both products are rich in growth factors which promote tissue-healing, alter angiogenesis, and possess versatile imunomodulatory effects.
In a nutshell, both treatments use the healing properties of platelets from your blood to promote tissue repair and rejuvenation. 

What are the benefits of Plasma Injections? 

How are PRP & PRF Derived?

How Are PRP & PRF Derived?

Plasma for the injections is prepared by centrifuging a small amount of your blood to separate the platelets and plasma from other blood components. The resulting solution is rich in platelets and growth factors, which stimulate tissue repair.  Fibrin is derived from a more extensive and slower centrifugation process that results in a fibrin matrix containing a higher concentration of platelets and white blood cells. The fibrin matrix allows for prolonged activation of growth factor proliferation relative to plasma. Fibrin is considered to be a more advanced form of therapy.

How Do Growth Factors Work?

Growth factors in plasma are released relatively quickly after injection, which can lead to rapid tissue healing and regeneration. Fibrin has a slower release of growth factors due to the fibrin matrix. This gradual release may provide longer-lasting effects.

Begin Your Transformation

Ultimately, the choice between Plasma & Fibrin may depend on the specific medical or cosmetic procedure, the desired results, and the practitioner's preference. Both treatments have shown effectiveness in promoting tissue regeneration and rejuvenation, but Fibrin is often considered an evolution of Plasma due to its potential advantages in certain clinical applications. 



Improved Skin Tone

Increased Flexibility and Firmness 

Enhanced overall skin tone and radiance

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