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Entrust Your Health and Aesthetic Goals With DC’s Very Best


Dr. Safiyah West is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner in Washington DC. Upon achieving her doctoral degree (DNP) at the esteemed Columbia University in New York City, Safiyah returned to her beloved hometown of Washington D.C., to offer her knowledge and skills to a community that mirrors the diversity and dynamism of her clinical focus and expertise.


Dr. Safiyah West combines her years of acute and chronic clinical experience with years of training and work experience in aesthetic dermatology, integrating her dual passion for wellness and human- physiology with the art of aesthetic medicine.

Guided by an instinct for balance, harmony, and natural beauty in the human figure, Dr. West found her medical home in aesthetic medicine, also popularly known as cosmetic dermatology. Thus was born Arta Medical Spa – a boutique aesthetics practice nestled in the epicenter of Washington, DC’s iconic Washington Circle.

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The Arta Vision

As a provider of color, Dr. Safiyah West quickly recognized the need for specialized, professional services that cater to the nuances of skin-of-color, as well as an applied appreciation for diverse and dynamic models of beauty. The right skin care is good for all.


Central to her mission is the belief that when people engage with the world looking and feeling their best, they show up as the greatest version of themselves, poised to optimize their unique gifts. Most importantly, Dr. Safiyah West recognizes that being truly “seen” and assessed by your provider as a distinct and unique individual is the only true way to tailor treatments and results that reflect your life experience and objectives as a patient.


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Arta Medical Spa

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